Consumer Practice

Since inception a decade ago, Golin MENA’s excellence in consumer PR has elicited accolades and a long and winning collaboration with its partners.

Through our decade long relationship with clients like Mondelēz International & Ajmal, the GolinMena team has gained unmatched insights into GCC’s consumer mindsets and cultural habits that lead to purchase triggers and decisions which in turn empower the team to create ideal creative campaigns.

This understanding has been the pillar of  numerous success stories for Golin MENA’s consumer team and its clients.  The team is also proficient at securing collaborations with well known organizations and/or individuals who not only befit the brand but also elevate it to blend into the fabric of the region in addition to the creative approach.

While regular product launches, press releases for new products, promotions, etc. are factored in the PR Calendar for every brand, what sets us apart is the creative edge brought to the table by these award winning campaigns that have been created to deliver outstanding results.

These results are an outcome of  a dedicated team of consumer PR professionals who reinforce their deep understanding and knowledge of the industry and content in these creative campaigns.

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