Stop Measuring Reach, Instead Measure Engagement

One of the most common questions that marketers the world over have to face is about the future and the relevance of social media. People want to know whether Facebook is still the order of the day, whether shares, re-tweets, and likes matter and how they can increase their reach on Facebook. Despite the fact that all of these questions and inquiries are genuinely true and have some bearing in reality, social media should not be graded on the reach that it can get. The purpose of social media is not to increase your reach. Deeming that to be its purpose means undermining the greater point of marketing through social media. buy bns gold air max noir Social media marketing is more about conversations, communications, and engagement than anything else. It is not simply concerned with reach, times have changed, and rules of the market have changed with time. buy bns items cheap jordans uk Unfortunately, we are more concerned with who is watching my video, who is reading my post, how many have read my post? In reality, it’s not about the number of people that pass your billboard on the highway, it’s about the choosing the right methods that fit into the right approach. New Balance Pas Cher En Ligne Nike Air Max LUNAR90 C3.0 Dame

Out With The Old, In With The New

In social media marketing the consumer is always in control. The millennial generation of today has excess to a much wider reach of brands and business that has been available ever before. Today, for a brand to expect to be significant it needs to be social. cheap fjallraven kanken What most people are unable to realize however is that simply piling on content over content and being there on social media counts next to nothing, you need to command loyalty and respect and simply pumping in content will make your brand less appreciable. Yes you need to be visible to the social media audience but your content and your advertising and marketing techniques need to correspond with the audience that you are going to cater. If that is not the case your message will fall on deaf ears. ffxiv gold If you are still struggling to get a grasp of how to use your social media to be the perfect guest for your consumers, here are four tips to help you deal with that.

1. Don’t Be A Hindrance

Have you gone to dinners where one of the guests is annoying and will stop at nothing and is always trying to get their message across to the audience? They will have little regard for what anyone else is saying or wants. These kinds of guests are not liked by anyone; the same is the case if a brand starts to act like one of these annoying guests. cheap ffxiv gold The concept of market interruption has become outdated and companies are now looking forward to the idea of consumer discovery. The audience today is not as patient as those of yesteryear, they will not have the patience to tolerate a one minute advertisement before the video they want to view on YouTube can be played. According to market experts, the millennial generation is less akin to mass advertising; to them it’s a waste of time. They like to be engaged by a product’s marketing strategy, with the product acting only as one of the pieces of a larger marketing puzzle.

2. Be Aware Of Your Audience

Back to the dinner party then making an Avengers joke at a table full of old people who are not fans of comic books or superheroes will probably fall flat because the joke wasn’t fit for the audience. When you are trying to make an impression, you need to know your audience well enough to be able to pull the right strings. air max Social media platforms today follow a certain set of rules, adhering to these rules is integral to the success of your brand strategy. Here is a look at different social media platforms and the type of audience they cater to.


Here consumers are looking to be inspired; they want to see their inspirational self in the photos they view. Nike AIR Max 2017 Zwart Creativity is the key here.


Be real, users are not looking for highly edited images that are superficial to reality. bns gold They are looking for abstract into the real life and real world of the user.


For a large number of the millennials there is no concept of the internet outside of Facebook. This is their idle browsing site and the more informative you are the more interested the audience in Facebook will be. cheap bns gold

3. Be Of Value

There are certain guests that you just love to have on your table. ffxiv items Nike Air Max LUNAR90 C3.0 Heren These are the ones that bring something to the table, a meat loaf, champagne or something valuable. cheap bns gold These are the kinds of guests that are loved all round the table. If you are a company and have a social media presence, bring something valuable to the table. Be useful with your content, help people solve problems that come under your ambit of service. Share your experiences with people so that they can take lessons on handling tough situations. Give them tips and tricks on how to go about a certain tasks which you are considered an expert in. ffxiv items

4. If You Don’t Think It’s Working Leave

Staying too long is never the best idea. Social media advertising is all about Brand Authority. When you create content strategies you need to have a set framework. The most important part of which is relevancy, a conversation is only truly helpful up until it is relevant, and when it starts to stretch beyond its life it can become painfully awkward. As a social media marketer you need to know when to walk away and when to initiate. Nike Air Max 2017 Dame Goedkoop Try to stand apart from the crowd. Don’t do a thing simply because that is the way your competitors are going about their business. cheap bns gold That is a wrong strategy to go with. cheap bns gold Oakley pas cher You need to stick to your own identity, be confident in your voice and raise it to a level that it becomes audible. Nike Air Max 2016 Heren There is a quote from the movie Batman that is truly relevant here, “You either leave a Hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain”. Plan you entry and exit in conversations and end them before they border on absurd.

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