Technology Practice

Golin MENA is proud to share successful partnerships with brands like Oracle, EMC, Canon, Kaspersky Lab, Teradata, Genesys Labs, FireEye, Western Digital, Vuclip and International Data Corporation.

From leading anti-virus solutions provider to global leader in cloud computing and from cybercrime detection experts to leading developers of computer hardware, the technology practice at Golin MENA is both extensive and awe-inspiring.

Our relationship with clients are founded on a core understanding of the industry,  impressive content development  experience and outstanding media and influencer relationships.

The  G4 model based on employing specialists across core  focus area enabling  the team to deliver exceptional results on everything from product launches to event execution and knowledge leadership initiatives

The team works in a proactive advisory model, working with clients to identify key objectives from each announcement/ campaign to map out a clear call to action.

With  the right  network of both B2B and B2C media and influencers, Golin MENA is able to help client teams develop targeted messages for business, IT and relevant trade media and influencers to achieve quality coverage


Brand Marketing

Maintaining strong relations between consumers/businesses and the brands is imperative. We develop integrated communications strategies to build these relationships and bolster brand equity.

Digital Programs & Interactive Content

Integrating media relations and marketing into a unified approach in the digital landscape is a must. Our digital team specializes in digital strategy, user experience, motion graphics, interactive design and development across all technologies and scales – from individual interactive immersive experiences to full-scale website builds.

Social Media Programs

Breaking global news can happen with one tweet. We choose social platforms, optimizing content and channel, to deliver high-impact results and enable target consumers to interact with directly with the brands they love.

Product/Service Launches 

Creating bold, attention-grabbing programming to build awareness around a new product or service launch is key. We develop smart, strategic messaging for targeting key media and influencers known to core audiences.

Product Review Programs 

Knowing consumers trust authentic customer reviews, we identify influential and trusted candidates to review our clients’ products and impact purchase decisions on the traditional and social channels consumers follow and frequent.

Thought Leadership

Between launches, what keeps a brand relevant is a steady drumbeat of thought leadership by subject matter experts with keen perspectives on technology and how it affects broader trends and breaking news. From a media relations perspective, we help our clients uplevel their messaging and become fluent in the turns of phrase that would catch a top-tier reporter’s ear. We’ve also built and managed content programs, penning executives’ blog posts and contributed articles to contextualize company innovations and underscore its core mission to broaden appeal. 

Influencer Relations

Helping clients receive authentic exposure in business, consumer and trade press as well as with social influencers helps to gain industry credibility with key influencers important to our clients’ success. We cultivate and leverage our long-standing and continually growing relationships with these influencers.

Industry Analyst Relations

Boosting credibility and building brand awareness is key for our clients. That’s why we identify and leverage influential analysts and other market influencers in the technology sphere as critical advocates, resources and references.

Research & Measurement

Making smart decisions and leading with research is at the core of who we are. We’re data heads – we’ve added necessary capabilities and resources in analytics, research and measurement in the business environment. Our analytics and research experts deliver real-time insights, along with in-depth analyses, for our clients to make informed business decisions.

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