3M – Post It Kindness Project


In 2013, during the holy month of Ramadan, the marketing team of 3M’s Post It® brand was keen on undertaking a CSR initiative.

The objective was to contribute to society, keep up with the spirit of Ramadan, and in the process secure some strong visibility.


The first ever community engagement campaign in the Middle East by Post It® .

The challenge was to develop a sustained campaign that reflects the brand’s unique attributes and attitude towards the Middle Eastern market, rather than a temporary one-off activity.


Since this initiative was the first of it’s kind, Golin recommended to initiate a community activity that allows the brand Post It® to contribute for what it is known for, which is ‘creativity’, ‘innovation’ and ‘communication’.


Golin conducted research and identified Sharjah based Manzil Centre for People with Special Needs as ideal partner and beneficiary.

To help these children at Al Manzil become independent after completing education, Manzil created PRIDE, a vocational training program for students with mild to moderate intellectual challenges. It aims to help students develop knowledge and skills needed to become part of the mainstream workforce.

Manzil was in dire need to hire specially trained teachers for which they lacked funds.

Golin facilitated a collaboration between Post-it® and Manzil in order to ensure the engagement of an expert resource in the realm of art, craft and other creative skills; attributes that are synonymous with Post-it® . The initiative was christened ‘The Kindness Project’.

Post-It®also introduced ‘The Kindness Project’ on its popular facebook page in order to encourage people to render support to this initiative.

Visitors were encouraged to share a short message about a selfless and noble deed done by anyone they know through a specially designed facebook application. For every such story, Post-It®contributed funds towards the realization of The Kindness Project.


The campaign received strong media visibility with more 20 articles secured in the UAE’s key publications.

Manzil School was able to hire a trained teacher and immediately started with the course on art and craft skills.

Manzil students are now able to enhance their skills for either a suitable job opportunity or starting their own micro enterprise.

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