EMC – Collaboration with Charity Water

EMC has teamed up with Charity water, a global NGO founded by Scott Harrison in 2006 that brings clean and safe drinking water in developing nations. The water model is based on 100% public donations going straight to the people in need and also working closely with local partners on the field to help build and maintain water projects. This initiative was developed in collaboration with EMC Global and all its key agencies in tandem, which include Golin.

Brief Overview

EMCWorld encouraged attendees to walk a mile to understand the experience how women and children struggle to get access to clean and fresh water. As a result, hundreds of Jerry Cans were lined up on the floor to represent the heavy containers that millions of women and children carry every day to collect dirty water. Thousands of customers, partners, employees and EMCWorld attendees came together to carry 40 pounds of jerry cans in order to unlock donations for people in Ethiopia. By the last day of EMCWorld, 5,917 water walks were completed and EMC along with its sponsor Brocade, announcing the building of 6 wells in Tigray, Ethiopia.

What We Did

In order to maximize on the opportunity, distributed a news release to shed light on the initiative led by EMC and reiterate its commitment to help Charity water provide access to clean water for those in need.

Along with that, we sent EMC branded water bottles to English and Arabic daily media titles and directed them to visit Charity water page to learn about the water crisis and contribute by donating to the cause.

The Results

Our media outreach raised awareness not only with local media representatives, but with the public and the local community about the cause and allowed them to participate and contribute in making a difference through online donations.

Not only that, the media started to perceive EMC as a ‘responsible citizen’ that cares about the wellbeing of the communities in which it operates.

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