FireEye – Making the ‘Adaptive Defense Security Model’ Relevant


On the outset of initiating their PR and communications outreach in the region, FireEye was struggling with coverage surrounding the company’s Security As A Service offering titled “Adaptive Defence Security Model”.

Media in the region did not believe the topic to be relevant because:

Media had no previous interaction with the company and so had no familiarity with the company’s message or area of focus

Media found the topic to be very technical and not of local relevance


C-Level Executives in the region were investing heavily in advanced cyber security technologies as a result of growing incidents of targeted attacks on critical industries

With the surge in e-commerce and mobile banking among consumers, cyber security was becoming a topic of interest for the media as it went beyond enterprise walls to impact everyday life and consumers


To offset these challenges we needed to identify a platform that allowed FireEye spokespeople to come together with key media  in an interactive environment to highlight:

Local findings from FireEye Security Intelligence Network- to share locally relevant stats and updates on incidents of attack in the region

Align the topic to growing focus on cyber security investments by government agencies as part of the smart city initiatives- highlight the company’s unmatched Incident Response capabilities

Make the official announcement on the first day of GITEX via one on one interviews and then sustain the message for all interviews thereafter to leverage on ground media presence and  benefit from more interactive discussions


Prior to GITEX: the Golin team began by developing briefing documents with all local messages as outlined above. We also used the opportunity to pre brief spokespeople on the discussions to come and the approach to take with each media outlet based on their audience and topic of focus i.e. government, business & ROI or technology leadership

On ground: the team set out to lock down high level interviews beginning with leading broadcast media such as SkyNews Arabia, CNBC Arabia, Dubai TV, Dubai Eye, etc. in addition to leading print and online media

Post GITEX: The release was dispatched to media who engaged in interviews along with the local messaging sheet


In less than two weeks, Golin MENA worked to secure 45 clippings on the subject among TIER 1 media in the UAE

Aligning a tech heavy subject with locally relevant messaging enabled FireEye to initiate a knowledge transfer initiative with the media, helping them understand the topic through messages most relevant to them

Most importantly, the exercise provided the perfect platform to position key FireEye spokespeople as thought leaders in the industry, encouraging proactive media relations with key broadcast and print media outlets in search of exclusive stories

What set out to be a project turned out to be the start of a successful retainer based relationship with one of the foremost leaders in enterprise grade security. Today, we continue to amass quality coverage from across Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE placing FireEye at the very centre of the conversation.

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