Fun City – Image Transformation

The Brief

  • Fun City plays an important role in providing children with the means to indulge in fun in a safe & secure environment.
  • Although it is a leading indoor entertainment centre and hugely popular, it was perceived as a frivolous play area to dump kids for some ‘me’ time for parents.
  • The facilities at Fun City aid children’s development but is not understood by parents.
  • Hence, the need to correct this perception

The Insight

Fun City understands ‘play’ like no other player in the region. All their facilities and equipment are carefully chosen to aid children’s overall development using different active play avenues.

The Idea

Capitalizing on this deep understanding of play that Fun City has, GolinMena created and launched FUN CITY’s Children Play Index in 2012, which is the first ever and the only assessment of playtime habits among children in the region

The index is in its fourth year currently with refinement of the study year on year in line with the present day play patterns and challenges thereon.

Fun City Children’s Play Index was launched in 2012 based on an independent research in UAE.

Since then, it has pioneered and innovated in this space through a unique Fun City Children’s Play Index Calculator launched in 2013 and upgraded in 2014.

In 2014, the research aimed at enhancing Fun City Children’s Play Index to make it contemporary by incorporating a unique Qualitative study through inputs from nine experts (school counselors and child psychologists) on children’s play time habits in the region.

Three years in a row…Fun City is promoting active, healthy social and growth oriented play habits with the fourth study expected soon…. Come, Play!


Notably, Fun City is the highest spontaneously recalled entertainment center – with Top of Mind awareness having doubled since 2013.

Exceptional change in perception for Fun City that positioned it as an industry  thought leader and the custodian of ‘play’.

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