Women in Leadership 2015 – Absolute Engagement


GOLIN is a leading communications firm in the UAE that works with prominent multinational and regional organisations across a host of industry verticals.

GOLIN has been expanding its portfolio of services and people in the UAE and the focus now is on showcasing the inspiring work being done by the agency and how the same can delivered for other organisations.

Stakeholder engagement at key industry events is a priority for GOLIN as this provides an opportunity to engage with potential partners, clients and even employees.

The Opportunity

Naseba, the event organiser for Global Women in Leadership Economic Forum approached GOLIN with an opportunity to collaborate for the event as the official communications partner. The event is held under the patronage of the UAE Ministry of Economy.

After reviewing the scope and understanding the scale of the event, GOLIN agreed to collaborate for the WIL Economic Forum 2015 with the following objectives:

  • Engage with key stakeholders (government and corporates) participating at the WIL Forum.
  • Raise GOLIN’s profile as a leading communications firm in the UAE.
  • Be part of the industry dialogue on enhancing diversity and inclusion at work place.

The Idea

GOLIN applied an innovative approach to leverage its participation at the WIL Economic Forum. A host of new age communication tools were implemented to interact with the participating audience in an engaging manner.

Key Activities Undertaken

Chairperson for WIL Economic Forum:

With an objective to enhance the visibility and engagement of GOLIN with the WIL Economic Forum, GOLIN secured the position of the Event’s Chair for Ellen Ryan Mardiks, Vice Chair of Golin. In this role, Ellen was responsible for setting the agenda of the forum over two days. Furthermore, she was also responsible for introducing all panel discussions and panelists over a period of two days. This high level participation ensured solid visibility and engagement for GOLIN with key event attendees including the UAE Minister for Economy.

Dedicated Exhibit:

GOLIN MENA participated in the WIL Economic Forum 2015 with a dedicated exhibit, where a host of activities were organised to interact with the event attendees.

Augmented Reality: At GOLIN, we take pride in calling ourselves the ‘Agency of the Future’. Staying true to that theme, GOLIN showcased its digital communications capability through an augmented reality platform. Visitors to the GOLIN exhibit were asked to scan a bar code, which would then lead them to a GOLIN video that depicted the proprietary communication tools that GOLIN is already using.

GOLIN Panel Discussion:

With an objective to enhance the thought leadership profile of the agency and also contribute to the ongoing dialogue on the role of women in driving a country’s economy, GOLIN organised a panel discussion lead by Yiannis Vafeas MD GolinMENA during the event.

The topic of the panel discussion was Beyond super cars and bling: Communicating a change.


Given the country’s economic prosperity, does the Emirati youth of today shoulder more responsibility towards achieving new milestones? This workshop presents individual success stories, discusses the importance of ‘communicating the change’, while uncovering the role of media, families, government and population at large.


  • Ms. Farah Al Qaissieh, Founder, Stutter UAE; Founder & CEO, Discover AE
  • Ms. Fakhra Al Mansouri, Founder – Hybrid Humans and Game Designer
  • Mr. Essa Al Mulla, Chief of National Work Force Development – Emirates National Development Program (ENDP)
  • Ms. Ellen Ryan Mardiks, Vice Chairman – GOLIN


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