A Little Trick to Getting Smooth Pits

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As a seasoned armpit shaver, I figured I knew all there was to know about getting smooth underarms. Then I stumbled on this advice while flipping through our Hair Removal 101 story that rocked my pit-hair-removing world…

Here’s the advice:

And for those of you still wielding the razor, it’s best to shave right after you shower. Lift your arm up over your head to make the area taut. But don’t bother with cream—you’ll be able to see what you’re shaving better without it, and your armpit won’t become overmoisturized (which makes deodorant ineffective), says Barshop. Instead, lather gently with basic soap.

Wait—so you’re supposed to shave post-shower? And not use shaving cream??? These two points are shocking to me, an in-shower shaving-gel pit shaver. Perhaps that’s why my underarms aren’t the most glam part of my body. I’m going to give this technique a go for a week and see if I can tell a difference.

Anyway, this is just one of the nine tips in the story, so be sure to read through them all here.

Then tell me: Any of you going to try this? Been doing it for years? Do you have a smooth-pit tip? Do you have trouble keeping them smooth? Did any of the other tricks in the story jump out at you? Just want to sing the praises of a shaving gel you discovered recently? Tell me what’s on your mind below!

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