Are You Normal About Shaving? Check Out These New Stats

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A survey just released by American Laser Centers claims that each month, the average woman shaves 12 times (wait—really?!) and spends $15.95 on the process. Does that seem about right to you? Because I know that right now I’m doing my part to pull that number waaaaaay down (hey, I’m single and it’s still tights season—picking up my razor isn’t exactly a big priority). Take a look at a few more of their findings:

-Over the course of their lifetime, women will shave 7,718.4 times and spend $10,000 related products.

-The average shaving session takes 10.9 minutes.

-The majority of women shave 1-2 times each week, but 11% of women shave every day.

-Shaving is the most used hair removal method (58%), followed by waxing (21%) and depilatory creams and lotions (18%).

Hmmmmm…I think it would have been telling to see the numbers broken down by age group (they surveyed 540 women age 18 to 65), but it’s all pretty interesting nonetheless, don’t you think?

Does this all sound right to you? Does 12 times a month on average sound really high or about what you were expecting? How often do you shave? And how much would you say you spend on it?

p.s. If you’re getting sick of the whole razor thing, check out my laser hair removal experiment.

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