Meanwhile, Half Of Cassie’s Hair Remains Missing In Action

Remember how singer Cassie shaved half her head, leaving the other half of her head covered in long, flowing waves? Some of you were appalled, some of you were enthralled, and I was skeptical, feeling it was just an attention-grabbing move and that the hairstyle would be short-lived. Well, the time has come to admit that I was wrong.

0630 cassie bd
PHOTO: Getty Images
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PHOTO: Getty Images

When I saw these new shots of Cassie, I thought I should post ’em and give the girl props for committing to her badass hairstyle. It’s been almost three months since she first took the electric razor to her scalp, and she seems to be committed to maintaining her close shave for the time being. While it’s still not a look I’d ever attempt in a million years, it’s always fun to see a famous person taking a beauty risk rather than wearing the same-old Hollywood hairbot waves.

Instead of debate the merits of Cassie’s half-shaved look, which we’ve already done at length, I suggest we take this opportunity to play a miniature version of our Friday Would You Rather game.

Would you rather stop shaving your legs and armpits for a whole year, or have Cassie’s half-shaved hairdo?(trends)

Would you rather shave your entire head, or just half, like Cassie?(opinion)


Which options did would you guys pick? Share in the comments below!

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Photos: Getty Images