Shh … Here’s A Sneaky Use For Free Perfume Samples

I recently got a free, ittybitty spritzer of Elizabeth Arden’s new scent, Pretty, in the mail with an online beauty purchase. It really is very pretty-smelling, so I brought it with me on my weekend road trip with Marc. Well, it just came in handy in an unexpected way … I’m going to share, but let’s keep this on the DL, a’ight?

0515 perfume sample bd

This is embarrassing, but what the heck, I’m excited it’s Friday, and as you guys already know, Beth and I kind of love to embarrass ourselves on the blog once in a while. Anyway, it’s a fact of life: People–yes, even girls who pride themselves on cuteness/daintiness–go to the bathroom sometimes. Even when on romantic getaways that involve rooming in close quarters. Do you see where I am going with this? Sometimes when you travel, you don’t have a remote bathroom to sneak off to, a spare hour home alone by yourself, or a can of air freshener to fall back on. And I don’t know about you, but even after dating the same guy for years, I prefer to maintain an aura of mystery that does not involve stinkiness. This is where a couple spritzes of my perfume sample came in handy, and why I have decided it’s clutch to keep one in your handbag at all times, just in case. A little more convenient than carrying that Poo-Pourri stuff Baze once blogged about (no, I joke you not–there is an actual product called Poo-Pourri).

Question time: Do you ladies unabashedly use the facilities when your guy is around, or do you still prefer to be kinda stealth about it, like me? Anybody else rely on perfume in a pinch, or have other genius uses for those tiny sample bottles?

Another idea: Buy one of these chic Japanese atomizers, and keep your favorite perfume on you at all times. Also, here are five uses for those scent strips you find in magazines.

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