Did Derek Shepherd Die on Tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy?

He’s survived both a plane crash and being shot, but has Derek Shepherd’s cheating-death luck run out Grey’s Anatomy? [BIG spoilers ahead, obvi.]

patrick dempsey greys anatomy

It has, to the devastation of McDreamy fans everywhere: In a cruel twist of fate, Patrick Dempsey’s beloved character was killed off in tonight’s episode, “How to Save a Life”.

The entire episode was a lesson in irony: It begins with the fiery car crash that we’ve been seeing in promos for the past week. While driving on back roads to get to the airport, Derek witnesses a wreck that flips over both an SUV and a sports car—leaving a mother and daughter trapped and two teenagers thrown from their car. In true McDreamy fashion, Derek frees the mother and daughter, pops a leg back into place, deals with a nasty bashed skull, and contains an even nastier intestines injury. He’s in his prime: Saving lives and treating people, not patients. But after the car wreck victims are safely tucked away in ambulances and on their ways to the hospital, it’s Derek’s car that gets blindsided by a tractor-trailer.

Shonda Rhimes didn’t stop there with the poetic injustice: Derek has a life-threatening head injury, discovered too late by the ER. The celebrated neurosurgeon himself now needs a neurosurgeon to save his life—but the one on call is out to dinner and does not make it in time to save his life. In other words, Dr. Shepherd he is not.

The episode’s true gut-puncher came, though, when Meredith arrives at the hospital and a series of flashbacks of their relationship plays as Derek lays brain dead in the background. After the emotional roller coaster of the previous 40 minutes, it was practically too much to bear—and too much to comprehend a Grey’s without them together.

__What do you think Grey’s future looks like without Dr. Shepherd? Will you watch without McDreamy? And who else was devastated by his death? __

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