Meet Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle and Leah. Part One of My Juicy, Revealing, Must-Read Chat with All the Girls!

I’ve been watching the girls on Teen Mom 2 since we first saw their lives as carefree teenagers change forever on 16 and Pregnant. I will admit that I was quite the goody two shoes back in my high school days. So while I’m not at all judging these girls for being promiscuous, I think I’m drawn to the show because it’s a side of high school life–and the consequences–that I wasn’t a part of. I’m amazed by their courage and give them all props for showing the less glamorous side of motherhood with no holds barred.

Last week, I got the chance to chat with Janelle Evans, Leah Messer, Chelsea Houska and Kailyn Lowry now that Teen Mom 2 is back on MTV every Tuesday night at 10 P.M. ET. None of them held back and I think you’re going laugh, raise an eyebrow or two and learn some things about all the girls that you didn’t on TV. In part one of two, I catch up with Jenelle and Leah and then check back later for what Kailyn and Chelsea had to say.

__Jenelle, 19

Son: Jace__

1212 Teen Mom Janelle sm

Jenelle sure has taken us on an emotional ride. Since she had her son Jace at 16, she’s lost custody of him to her disapproving mom—mainly because of her bad influence of a boyfriend Keifer. They both went to jail on camera and in between the cameras rolling, Jenelle found herself in rehab too. Jenelle was happy to open up about her struggles, why she doesn’t like to think of herself as a celebrity and where she’s at with all her relationships.

On the Status of Her Relationships with her Mom, Kieffer and Jace:

“My mom gives me a chance every other day. Yeah. Our relationship has gotten better because now I don’t live at home no more. We’re not in each other’s face all the time arguing. Me and Kieffer are not currently together. Since I’m on probation right now I’m not even allowed to be around him. I’m not dating. I’m just focusing on school. My mom still has temporary custody of Jace and I see him every day.”

On Learning Magazine Covers Are Not Forms of I.D.:

“I pushed people away because you have to have only a select group of friends that you can trust because a lot of people sell you out to tabloids. The child support lady called my mom and said that I need to pay more money because I’m on covers of these magazines. I was like, ‘We don’t get paid for any of this.’ Paparazzi just come out in front of nowhere and just jump out in front of you. I tried using a magazine cover as an ID once but they didn’t let me because I was trying to get cigarettes.”

On Why She’s Adamant She’s Not Famous:

“People are like, How does it feel to be famous?’ I’m like, I’m not famous. I’m known, but I’m not famous.’ Then everyone’s like, But you think you’re famous.’ We really don’t. We don’t ask for everything that happens. Also everyone’s like, You guys get a lot of money because you’re famous.’ Well you don’t see MTV handing us a car. You see all of us having car problems.”

On Sex and Protection After Jace:

“After I had Jace, I’m definitely on protection now. I have the implant in my arm.”

__Leah, 19

Daughters: Alianna and Aleeah__

1212 teen mom leah sm

Leah has gone through a lifetime of drama since she got pregnant with twins by Corey, her boyfriend of one month (at the time). Since then she cheated on him, they got back together, discovered their daughter Ali was developing at a slower rate, got married, got divorced and still continue to find treatment for Ali. All Leah will say about Ali is she’s now “doing great” but nothing else was off topic when I chatted with her.

On Life After Divorce:

“I wish Corey and I would’ve lasted as a family, but we didn’t, so I take it as it is. I didn’t date anybody for a while but I kind of started talking to this guy and we’ve been talking for about five months now. He’s met the girls. He loves the girls. Corey knows–I’m not trying to hide it. At least it’s not like a new guy every day or every week.”

On What Went Wrong with Corey:

“Corey engaged with the girls but he wasn’t supportive. I couldn’t talk to him about all the things because he just wouldn’t talk. It made it hard for me because at hard times, like when I really needed him the most, he just wasn’t there.”

On the Birth Rate of Teens Dropping in 2010:

“I feel accomplished. People are learning from everything that we’re going through and it’s actually helping people. That’s what makes me feel good. It almost makes me want to cry. I get emotional because it’s like one less teenager that has to go through what I went through.”

On Her Current Form of Birth Control:

“I’m on Mirena.”

__What did you think about what Jenelle and Leah had to say? Are you watching Teen Mom 2? Tell me all in the comments section below!


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