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Gal Gadot Responds to the ‘Wonder Woman’ Wage-Gap Controversy

Wonder Woman is one of the most critically and commercially successful films of 2017, which is why fans were shocked when it was reported that its star, Gal Gadot, made only $300,000 for playing the titular character. That’s not much by Hollywood standards, and it seemed especially low when people started comparing it with the

Alert: ‘Mean Girls’ Is Leaving Netflix Really Soon

Twenty seventeen was a stressful year, to put it mildly. We faced nuclear threats, natural disasters, the seemingly endless parade of creeps…well, you know because you lived through it! And for many, Netflix was a place of comfort in dark times. A place to stress-watch Black Mirror so you feel prepared for the dystopian future

OMG! All About The Mindy Project’s Shocking Finale

PHOTO: NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images Warning: Major Finale Spoilers Ahead! The Mindy Project did what it does best with its fourth season finale, leaving viewers clamoring for more, and dying to know what happens next. Mindy and Danny got caught in an elevator, made out to some sexy music, and then got busy