Seth MacFarlane Wants to Talk: The Family Guy Creator on His Holiday Album and His Softer Side

Here’s a holiday surprise: This season Seth MacFarlane, creator of the movie Ted and TV’s Family Guy, is doing something—wait for it—wholesome. After studying with Frank Sinatra’s vocal coaches, MacFarlane, 41, just released his second album, Holiday for Swing!, complete with a 52-piece orchestra. Clearly, the controversial funny guy is not kidding at all.

seth macfarlane

GLAMOUR: We have to ask…a holiday album?

SETH MacFARLANE: The record label suggested it—probably because they sell well. [Laughs.] But I take music seriously. I keep it separate from the Family Guy world.

GLAMOUR: OK, so you sing, write, act, direct, produce…. Do you ever get nervous?

SM: I do for live performances, but it’s nothing that a shot of whiskey won’t cure. Oddly, I was only really nervous about the dancing at the Oscars [which he hosted in 2013].

GLAMOUR: Speaking of the Oscars, critics called you crudely sexist for “We Saw Your Boobs,” your opening song about the female actresses who’ve shown their breasts on camera.

SM: That’s a pretty serious accusation. [The song] was presented as part of an alternate universe where everything at the Oscars was done incorrectly, [but] the media ignored the context entirely. Comedy and satire being treated with more outrage than actual sexism, racism, or homophobia makes no sense at all.

GLAMOUR: You’re single. Do you put on voices to make women laugh on dates?

SM: Most women I’ve been on dates with are sensitive enough not to treat me like a barking seal. [Laughs.]

GLAMOUR: What’s the biggest misconception about you?

SM: I’ll never understand the use of the word misogynist. It’s no different than saying somebody is racist. I’m sure a lot of that comes from Family Guy because of its edge, but I am not Family Guy. My manager is a woman, my publicist is a woman, my accountant is a woman. My producer, who runs all of the animated television series and presides over everyone, is a woman. I’m not sure how that label applies given those realities and my personal philosophies.

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