The Internet Is Hardcore Shipping Riz Ahmed and Issa Rae Because of Their Emmys Appearance

The 2017 Emmy Awards is shaping up to be a great night: Laura Dern won Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series for Big Little Lies, Donald Glover took home a directing nod for Atlanta, and Sean Spicer popped out on stage—with his White House podium—and left everyone, especially Melissa McCarthy, shook.

But one of the best parts of the evening, so far, was the life-giving presenter pairing that was Issa Rae and Riz Ahmed. Yes, the Insecure and The Night Of stars took the stage together to present the award for Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series, and the Internet subsequently freaked out about it. Why? The two of them, together, created so much hotness that it literally set televisions across America on fire. OK, not really, but you get the idea: Their joint beauty was simply a sight to behold. Looking at them was like staring directly into the sun.

Of course, everyone is shipping Ahmed and Rae now—both professionally and personally. Just imagine what a rom-com would look like with these two gorgeous humans in the leading roles? Or what about a horror movie where Ahmed and Rae use their sexiness to defeat an army of ghosts? At the very least, Ahmed needs to join the cast of Insecure and play Rae’s love interest for a few seasons. Twitter wants it, and, as that Lupita Nyong’o/Rihanna heist movie proves, that’s enough for Hollywood to start listening.

Check out just a few of the fan responses, below:

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