The Songs From Empire’s Season Two That We Can’t Stop Listening To

Sorry, Mets and Royals fans, but the World Series is kind of cramping our television schedule—and it’s only one game in. The nightly games are taking over when we would normally be settling in to catch the latest episodes of our favorite Fox shows, which means it could be two entire weeks without a new Empire (if the series goes to a game seven). To fill in the void, we’ve collected some our favorite songs from the show’s second season—which has been on fleek so far, in our opinion—for an exceptionally awesome playlist. Get your earbuds ready: Here are the best songs from Empire‘s season two (so far).

empire hakeem

“No Doubt About It” (from “The Devils Are Here”)—Jamal Lyon and Pitbull__

Enter your new party jam for the foreseeable future: Jamal and Pitbull is a can’t-lose combination that instantly boosts any mood, no doubt about it (we had to).

__”Snitch Bitch” (from “Without a Country”)—Lucious Lyon__


Never mind the fact Lucious recorded this track from jail, it’s also one of the few songs featuring him taking the lead and rapping. And, as always, Cookie said it best: “Damn, that’s hot.”

“Do It” (from “Fires of Heaven”)—Mirage a Trois

Hakeem’s girl group may have been short-lived, but their first single—led by guest star Becky G—left an impact on the show and our earbuds. It also gives us Fifth Harmony/Little Mix vibes with a Latina flair, which is a combination we most certainly love.

__”Ain’t About the Money” (from “Poor Yorick”)—Hakeem and Jamal Lyon__


The brothers may be feuding, but that tension leads to some killer music. This powerful track just might be one of our hands-down favorites from Empire—ever.

“Battle Cry” (from “Poor Yorick”)—Jamal Lyon

This song delivers everything we’ve come to love about Jamal’s music: It’s soulful, showcases his amazing voice, and leaves us wanting to hit repeat over and over.

__”Bout to Blow” (from “Fires of Heaven”)—Hakeem Lyon feat. Timbaland__


The Empire isn’t the only house producing excellent music—Lyon Dynasty has also delivered some epic tracks, including this one from Hakeem .

__What’s your favorite song from Empire‘s second season?

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