We Need to Talk About the Major Olivia and Fitz Development on Scandal

In true Scandal fashion, last night’s episode “Yes” was approximately 59 minutes of the standard (at least, standard in Shondaland’s D.C.) antics: The President is doing nothing political or even semi-related to being the leader of the free world (instead, he’s still bickering with Mellie and yearning after Liv). There’s an OPA side plot involving a murdered wealthy man and his suspected killer (his stepson) who’s on the run. And the exhausting, never-ending Jake-Olivia-Fitz love triangle appears to still (frustratingly) be a thing. Until the very last minute—10 seconds even—of airtime, when Liv changes everything with a single word: “Yes.”

scandal yes fitz

Let’s set the stage for a second. Liv and Jake have just spooned in a cheap motel after drinking beer. Fitz actually apologizes to Mellie, and agrees to do an interview—together—to squash all of the rumors about their marriage. And Liv gets a call from Fitz letting her go from all of their drama. He’s going to deny Sally’s claims and bring Mellie back to the White House, in a classic “if you love something, let it go” situation. So, it appears, after four seasons of constant back and forth over the matter, Olitz is finally going to cease to exist.

But, you guys, this is Shondaland. There’s still a minute or so of TV left, which we know is when all of TGIT’s biggest bombs are dropped. And last night was no exception: Liv hangs up with Fitz, exits Jake’s car, and faces the pack of reporters waiting for her outside of her apartment. And as they demand to know whether she’s the President’s mistress, she turns—badass leather jacket and all—and states loud and clear: “Yes.” (Mike drop.)

At this point, whether you’re team Jake or team Fitz, we really need to extend a thank you to Shonda Rhimes. Five seasons in, the Olitz story line either needed to be kicked to the curb or allowed to finally have a chance. Now that it looks like the latter is happening, who else is excited to see what other drama the show will focus on?

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