3 Looks From Saint Laurent’s Fall 2013 Collection That Were Stolen From Courtney Love’s Closet

It’s not clear why Hedi Slimane decided to create a collection for Saint Laurent that is so clearly an ode-to-grunge from the 1990s but one thing is certain: he has a thing for Courtney Love, the female embodiment of that period. Baby dolls dresses? Check. Dressed-up leather with bare mid-riffs? Check. Tough looking black boots paired with fishnet tights. Oh yes, there was plenty of that, too. Let’s take a closer look.

Runway look: Baby doll dress

saint laurent courtney love baby doll dress

Real look: Courtney Love wasn’t the first girl to wear a baby doll dress but she definitely put this look on the map during the 1990s.

Source: courtney-love.org via Tara on Pinterest

Runway look: Fishnet stockings with tough-looking black boots

courtney love fishnets saint laurent black boots

Real look: I’m guessing Courtney’s stockings and boots weren’t high-priced or from a designer label. It’s hard to imagine paying top dollar for either of these items.

saint laurent courtney love fishnets black boots

Runway look: black leather with a heavy dose of bare midriff

saint laurent bare midriff black leather

Real look: Courtney Love was working this look way before Hedi Slimane decided to dress it up on his runway.

courtney love saint laurent bare midriff

__Clearly, Hedi Slimane has a thing for Courtney’s famous grunge-y style. Do you like what you see or should these looks stay in the 1990s?


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