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What Will You Look Like in 20 Years?

Lauren | Charlene | Sophia | How we did it | How to look younger longer Lauren | Charlene | Sophia | How we did it | How to look younger longer Lauren | Charlene | Sophia | How we did it | How to look younger longer Lauren | Charlene | Sophia | How

This Is Exactly What Jenna Dewan-Tatum Stocks In Her Kitchen

PHOTO: Getty Images Jenna Dewan-Tatum and hubby Channing Tatum are perhaps are one of the busiest (and best-looking) couples in Hollywood. They work, they parent, and they manage to eat healthy, exercise frequently, and, um, keep up their stamina in the bedroom. So what fuels these two? Jenna, who is vegan, recently shared her list

A Beginner’s Guide to Using TRX

Yesterday, we took a look at one of Bar Refaeli’s go-to exercises, the TRX workout. Essentially a set of cables suspended from above, the TRX allows you to use your own body weight to create resistance. Bonus: Most gyms have one, or there’s a home version you can easily throw over the top of a

I Did Yoga With a Goat On My Back and It Was Surprisingly Zen

Fact: Contorting your body into a variety of twisty yoga poses isn’t always the most natural thing in the world, so doing it with real live goats on your back, well, let’s just say any “natural” feelings go out the window. That’s right—I’m talking about yoga with goats involved, something I tried on a recent

4 Muscle-Lengthening Moves From a Principal Ballerina

There’s no denying that ballet dancers’ bodies are long, lean, and extremely athletic. And there’s good reason for that, says Lauren Fadeley, principal dancer of the Pennsylvania Ballet (you can also spot her in Black Swan): “We are constantly moving through positions,” she says. “Even though in rehearsals and class we will repeat steps several

How Planned Parenthood Moves Forward, Sans Cecile Richards

Abortion is on thin ice in America. Mississippi passed a 15-week abortion ban this March, the strictest in the nation (unless Louisiana succeeds in pushing through its copycat bill). In Indiana a new law requires doctors to report any abortion complications to the state—including some patient information. And over in Tennessee they want to build

Weddings + Yoga = “You May Kiss the Bride, Then Do a Downward Facing Dog”

PHOTO: ¬© 2007 Paul Kline Love yoga? A new trend has brides and grooms planning yoga-inspired weddings. Seriously–white yoga clothing, “I do” poses, breathing exercises for the wedding guests, and a yoga instructor as the officiant. A fitness-centered wedding sounds like fun, but honestly, could you really walk down the aisle in yoga pants? Lisa