3 Fitness Classes That Require You To Sing During Your Workout

I can’t carry a tune for the life of me, but I think we can all agree playing goat to T-Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” makes being stuck in rush hour traffic that much more bearable (Oh, is that just me? NVM). How about adding it to your workout routine? Enter these three singing-whilst-sweatin’ fitness classes.

karaoke yoga

Karaoke Yoga

Started up by Cali-based yoga instructor Jennifer Pastiloff, this latest fitness craze meshes—you guessed it—karaoke and yoga for an epic fitness class that promises loads of singing, stretching, and laughing. You best believe next time Ms. Pastiloff is in town, I’ll be signing up for one of her classes (or two!). A class that encourages me to belt out Kendrick Lamar or Demi Lovato for an hour while getting in tune with my chakras totally has my attention.

Cycle Karaoke__

This one’s pretty self-explanatory: You’re spinning like crazy. You’re singing your heart out. You’re sweating like a mad woman…and I suddenly have a newfound respect for pop stars around the world. I’m looking at you, Bey.

Zing! Singing Fitness

Are you a Broadway buff? Then this one’s right up your alley. This class, started by YouTube superstar Pam Peterson, packs classic show tunes and easy, choreographed dance moves into a 15- to 40-minute class. Classes are offered in Chicago but will soon be expanding!

__Would you ever try one of these classes, or do you prefer just listening to music while you work out?

Photo: Jennifer Pastiloff via Facebook

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