Have You Heard of the “Five Bite” Diet?

People are buzzing about a controversial new diet plan referred to as “the five bite diet.” That’s right, you’re only permitted to have five bites at every meal. Good Lord. This one fires me up, and I’m not the only one …

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It’s almost comical, the various diet plans spewing out of the Internet and bookstores. The banana diet. The lemonade diet. The chocolate croissant diet (OK, I made that one up, but wait, maybe it exists? I wouldn’t be surprised). Argghhh. But, as long as there are people who want to lose weight, there will be newfangled diet plans. And the latest craze to hit diet land? The so-called “five bite diet,” touted in the book Why Weight Around.

According to reports, founder Dr. Alwin Lewis says his plan works like this:

*Drink as much of anything as you want as long as it doesn’t contain calories (read: water)

*Take 5 bites of any food at lunch.

*Take 5 bites of anything at dinner.

*Take one multi-vitamin every day.

*Get a bit of protein a day “on average”.

According to the DietBlog: “Lewis says that after three days on this diet you will no longer be hungry. Once you have reached your weight you can go back to ‘eating normally.’ Do not be fooled. This is not a good way to manage weight and get healthy.”

Can I chime in here? YIKES! This is a horrible diet idea. First, it basically amounts to borderline starvation and enlists rigid eating practices that are reminiscent of disordered eating. No thank you.

Steer clear of this one gals.

Thoughts on this diet plan?

P.S. Want some sane diet tips? Check out the healthy thing Kelly Rowland did to drop 10 pounds. And, I swear by this diet-friendly snack!

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