I Tried It: Weighted Sneakers

0313 weighted sneakers vg

When someone handed me a box of No Gym Required shoes to test, my first thought was, These are so heavy! My second thought? *Um, do I have to wear these in public? *

I do it all for you, dear readers! According to the company, the sneaker’s weighted midsole mimics resistance training. So as you’re taking a stroll, your legs are getting extra toned. The company claims you can burn up to 50 percent more calories during exercise, and 25 percent more calories during normal daily activity.

At $149, they’re $100 cheaper than MBTs but only slightly improved in the design department. The first day I had them, I didn’t want to leave the house wearing such goofy shoes, even if I was just going around the corner to get a manicure.

But when I strapped on the sneakers the next morning to run errands, they were much lighter and springier than expected. The shoes are taller and more platform-eque than I’m used to, and it took awhile to adjust my stride. (I almost tripped while carrying a load of laundry.) You can definitely feel the weights in the arches of your feet–they started to hurt as I stood in line at the coffee shop. After a few blocks, I was cruising and forgot I was wearing sneakers with special weights altogether. My only clue that I was working my leg muscles harder? At the end of my errand-running, my calves and the backs of my thighs were tired. I’m not sure I’d dare go jogging in these sneaks, but I’d definitely take them on a walk or run errands in them again. Just don’t laugh at me, OK?

Would you wear these shoes? Have you tried weighted sneakers or flip flops? What did you think of them?

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