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Hvordan man skal håndtere venner, der lider af FOBU

  Det eneste der er værre end at have en ven, hvis kæreste du ikke kan stå, har en ven, der ikke kan stå sin egen kæreste-og alligevel fortsætter med at date ham. Situationen beskattes for alle – for din elendige ven for hendes ulykkelige kæreste, men for det meste for dig, fordi du er

From Flight of the Conchords, Who is Sexier: Jemaine or Bret?

PHOTO: 2009 WireImage For your viewing pleasure: Bret (left) and Jemaine (right) After the heavy post this morning, let’s play a fun little game. From the show Flight of the Conchords, which actor do you think is sexier: Jemaine or Bret? Flight of the Conchords is the HBO show about two New Zealand band mates

Where’s my happy ending?

Me and my ex This is me with my ex. Didn’t we look so happy? I got all mopey last night when I watched The Break-Up. Jennifer looks great, Vince, not so much. I was a little disappointed when the movie ended and they were still single. Not very Hollywood at all. Who doesn’t prefer

Holder du dine øjne åbne eller lukke, når du kysser?

Min fyr ven ringede mig bare med en ulige bekymring. “Den pige, jeg daterer, åbner aldrig øjnene, når vi kysser. Aldrig.” Nogensinde, “sagde han. Er det mærkeligt? Mit råd til min fyr ven? Bare rolig! Nogle mennesker klemmer deres øjne lukkede; nogle mennesker holder dem åbne; nogle mennesker blander det op. På nogen måde kysser

Do You Like Cute Guys With Dogs?

Cute guys become a thousand times cuter as soon as they pick up a puppy or baby. It’s a fact of nature. So take a look at this… The new blog Cute and Cuter features handsome men holding babies or dogs. What could be more adorable?! Check it out here. Inspired, I found a few

Do or Don’t: Buying Your Guy’s Boxers

A recent study said that men who are in serious relationships leave their underwear-buying up to their significant others. Do you shop for your guy’s boxers (or briefs)? According to a recent study by British retailer Debenhams, they found that until men are about 19, they let their moms buy their underwear, and then between