2 Men of the Nice Jewish Guys Calendar Tell Us Why You Should Date Them

Happy seventh day of Hanukkah to all the single ladies out there! I know we took some time off for Thanksgiving, but you didn’t think I’d let the whole holiday go by without your gift, did you? Of course not. Here goes: Two adorable men of the Nice Jewish Guys 2014 Calendar agreed to answer a few questions about best dates, turn-offs, how to impress their mothers, and more. his year, the Nice Jewish Guys Calendar partnered with JDate, and four of the featured guys are actual, available JDate members.

Our two calendar cuties and their dating tips, up next. You’re welcome!

Meet Adam:

nice jewish guys adam

Why you should date a nice Jewish guy like him: “You get someone your grandmother will love, a guy who is probably really bad with directions (after all, our people were lost in the desert for 40 years) and, therefore, not full of himself. You’ll also get someone who knows how to cook with turkey bacon!”

What he wants in a partner: “A sense of humor, a good head on her shoulders, and a deep love of spicy food.”

How to impress his mom: “My mom would approve of a girl who clearly gets me for me and someone who makes me strive to be better. She would also approve of someone who always compliments her on her shoes, meaning she would probably disapprove of someone who doesn’t like her shoes.”

Four activities to suggest for a first date that will knock his socks off: “1) a roller-skating rink, 2) laser tag, 3) a grilled-cheese cook-off, or 4) a marathon of Diff’rent Strokes.

What to get him for Hanukkah: “Light up sneakers—epic throwback.”

The type of woman he notices on JDate: “Someone who clearly uses her JDate profile to showcase who she is and not someone who caters her answers to what she thinks seems ideal.’ If her personality can read on paper, then she must be a blast in person.”

JDon’ts: “When her “About Me” section is about what she does for a living rather than who she is as a person. Also, if she’s like six feet tall, we’re probably not going to work out—especially when she wears high heels. (I’m only 5’8″, OK!)”

Next up, Sam:

nice jewish guys sam

Date a nice Jewish guy because: “We all crave some sort of comfort and security, and this is what a nice Jewish guy can provide. Many ladies ditch the feeling of security for the excitement of a bad boy they think they can change, but that rarely ever works. The trick is to date a nice Jewish guy with an edge to get the whole megillah.”

The three most important qualities in a woman: “I look for genuine kindness, warmth, and someone who is an analytical thinker.”

A no-no for his mom: “A woman with jailhouse tattoos of her ex-boyfriends would certainly not make either of our lists. I know my mother trusts my judgment, so if a woman gained my approval she would certainly earn my mother’s as well.”

Where to take him on a first date: “Someplace casual where we could get to know each other A nice walk in an arboretum complete with good conversation would be ideal.”

How to get his attention on JDate: “I look for a woman who can convey her personality in what she writes. After reading her JDate profile, I should really want to meet this person because I feel she would enrich my life either as a friend or potential companion.”

What turns him off in your profile: “Pictures of her partying, using silly nicknames such as QT or SXY in her username, saying that she doesn’t know what to write or that her friend made her open an account.”

His preferred Hanukkah giving style: “I’m not one who gives presents just for the sake of giving presents. Something that is thoughtful and meaningful is all I need to remind me of the bigger present, which is having that person in your life. A girlfriend once gave me a small box full of meaningful trinkets that included pictures on the inner lid from a recent trip we had taken. Even now, I keep it as my tea box so that every evening I can brew up a warm mug of memories.”

Awww. Thanks to these nice guys (absolutely not to be confused with “nice guys”) for their funny and sweet thoughts.

Any JDaters out there ready to snap up either (or both) of these guys immediately? Happy Hanukkah to all!

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