5 Outdoor Date Ideas to Try This Summer

It’s almost Memorial Day weekend, which unofficially kicks off the season of all things outdoors—including dates, obviously! You can do dinner and a movie the other nine months of the year; it’s time to take advantage of the warm weather and heat things up outside.

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The possibilities are endless: Picnics, bike rides, outdoor movies, fairs, hikes, camping trips. Here are few specific ideas we suggest you try, and feel free to add your own creative ideas in the comments!

Ice-Cream Truck Crawl. Like a bar crawl, but instead of getting drunk in dark, grimy dives, you just walk around in the glorious sunshine, following the tinkling music of ice cream trucks and treating yourselves to swirly cones, Push-Ups and Bomb Pops. Swap in a taco truck or other savory meals-on-wheels if you can’t handle a sugar rush, but the point is to make multiple stops on an outdoor tour.

Gardening Contest. Having an outdoor project for the summer is a great way to spend a lot of time together all summer long. For instance, work together on a plot in a community garden, and make a schedule to tend to it together. You grow one side; he’s in charge of the other. Whoever produces the yummier produce gets a special reward at the end of the summer (and feel free to make it dirty). If neither of you have green thumbs, maybe something handier, like building a new picnic table together.

Backyard Happy Hour: It’s the time of year when restaurants and bars open their patios, and you can sit for hours at a table in the sun, sipping a fresh margarita and relaxing. Oh, wait, except there’s never an open table and the bar is packed with a bunch of bros not-so-subtly scoping all the ladies in sundresses. Instead, make a post-work date at home, mixing up your own favorite summer cocktails or buying a mix-and-match six-pack of summer ales and sipping it in your backyard, on your front porch or balcony, or even in a park if you don’t have your own outdoor space. (Watch for the local rules on public drinking for that one though!) Take turns being the nightly bartender and/or invite friends over to make it a double date or group activity, but this is better in a million ways: Cheaper drinks, no tipping, no crowds, and no crappy, watered-down happy-hour specials. Cheers!

Hammock Book Club. Step 1: Buy a hammock. Step 2: Find two trees to secure it on, either in your backyard or at a park. (There are portable ones you can use for that.) Step 3: Get in together, cuddle, read books, probably doze off looking totally adorable. Do you have to actually talk about your books? No. Be honest, you barely do in your real book club either.

Grown-Up Field Day. Remember the most fun day of outdoor activities in your elementary-school years? Re-create the excitement with your own schedule of games, either around town (a round of mini-golf and a race in rental rowboats) or at home (croquet and cornhole in the backyard). You can swap out the Little Debbies and juice boxes for more grown-up snacks and drinks, but we suggest you still insist on team T-shirts.

What are your favorite outdoor summer dates?

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