A New York Dinner Party…Where Everyone Was NAKED

We’ve talked about sleeping naked…but what about going to a dinner party where you have to strip down to your birthday suit? Can you imagine eating roast chicken while your breasts just hung out there? Well, when Arianne Cohen was invited to a nude dinner party, she decided to give it a go…..

Hear Arianne’s hilarious story of the naked dinner party on The Daily Beast. What bravery, I’m so impressed! (One funny part? You had to sit on a hand towel. “I was expecting beach,” she said.)

And, tell me, dear readers: Would you ever go to a naked party? What about nude beaches–have you ever stripped down? How did it feel? Do you sleep naked? Are you someone who feels comfortable walking around naked? Or do you feel better when you’re bundled up? I’m so curious!

Photo: Yann Faucher

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