Bruce Willis Got Married—You’ll Never Believe Who Was at the Wedding!

Actor Bruce Willis got hitched over the weekend to his hot model-girlfriend, Emma Heming. Guess who made the guest list?

0323 Bruce Willis Emma Heming sm

Bruce and Emma tied the knot in a small ceremony on Saturday in the West Indies. Sounds romantic, right? But get this: Ex-wife Demi Moore was there for the celebration with her hubby Ashton Kutcher. (Hmm, ever heard the phrase two’s company, three’s a crowd, people?)

OK, OK, so I’m not trying to rip on this group. I love that Demi and Bruce (and Ashton) are so supportive of each other—heck, they even show up on red carpets together! But the whole thing got me thinking…what’s it like to go to an ex’s wedding? Wouldn’t seeing him say “I Do” to someone else sting just a little?! Joanna’s ex called her to say he was getting married, and she took the news really well, actually. (Although I’m sure that having an awesome significant other helped.) As for me, I sob enough during wedding ceremonies—throw into it the whole pain-of-old-love thing and I’d probably be a blubbery mess. Ugh. I think I’ll pass.

What about you? Would you go to your ex’s wedding? (Or have you?) Would you go even if you didn’t have a date? And are you surprised that Bruce got married again? (I was! I figured he was going to go the George Clooney happy-bachelor route.)

P.S. Did I mention Bruce is 54 and Emma is only 30? I know many of you have said you prefer dating older dudes, but that is one big ol’ age gap.

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