From Flight of the Conchords, Who is Sexier: Jemaine or Bret?

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PHOTO: 2009 WireImage

For your viewing pleasure: Bret (left) and Jemaine (right)

After the heavy post this morning, let’s play a fun little game. From the show Flight of the Conchords, which actor do you think is sexier: Jemaine or Bret?

Flight of the Conchords is the HBO show about two New Zealand band mates trying to make it in New York. It’s hilarious–but more important, the guys are adorable.

This is an old video, but I couldn’t help sharing. Aren’t they hilarious?So, who floats your boat: Jemaine or Bret? Do you watch Flight of the Conchords? Do you like the skinny type or a square-jawed guy? Do you like their beards?

Photo: Getty Images

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