Have You Ever Been Surprised by Your First Time With a Guy?

Often, good sex takes time—and I’m not just referring to the microwave versus oven analogy that we’re all too familiar with. What I mean is that rarely is a first time with a new lover movie-sex-perfect. It can take multiple practice sessions to realize where and how your partner likes to be touched, when he wants you to take the reins, and so forth. Then, your guy may need time to tune in to just what it takes to bring you to an orgasm. But every once in a while, a first time is a doozy—of the good or bad variety.

Friends With Benefits

I’ve heard some horror stories: One friend was super psyched to get with a new guy, only to find out that his, err, member was so small she actually had to ask, “Is it in yet?” Another friend was romanced by someone she thought was a suave thirtysomething man, only to find he had never graduated from the jack-hammer technique most teenagers use.

One man actually asked for anal sex during a first go-round with another one of my friends. That dude had some serious chutzpah—and he got a resounding “no.”

But there are jealousy-inducing tales too: I know a woman who was pleasantly surprised when her new man made sure she had not one but two orgasms before they began to do the deed. After breaking things off with a four-minute man, another woman was stoked to find a first time could last for 30 minutes. And another friend who enjoys a little domination—but who would never ask for it during a first time—was pleased when her new dude took control immediately in all the right ways, beginning with lightly pinning her wrists above her head.

So, have you ever been surprised by your first time with a guy? Was it a good or bad revelation? I want to hear about it in the comments below!

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