How Many Minutes Sex and Foreplay Really Last

Ever wonder what real women in real bedrooms are doing under the duvet covers? Glamour surveyed 1,000 young women for their answers on a typical night in, timed. Here’s how many minutes you say foreplay and sex last:

Morning sex or evening sex?
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Morning sex: 14% Evening sex: 17% I will have sex anytime: 69%

Average Length of Sex and Foreplay

Less than 5 minutes:

Foreplay: 23%

Sex: 8%

5 to 9 minutes:

Foreplay: 33%

Sex: 25%

10 to 14 minutes:

Foreplay: 24%

Sex: 28%

15 to 19 minutes:

Foreplay: 12%

Sex: 17%

20 minutes or more:

Foreplay: 8%

Sex: 22%

So, according to our survey, the majority of you spend 5 to 9 minutes on foreplay and 10 to 14 minutes on sex. How many minutes do you spend?

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