“Last Night, I Told My Boyfriend That I Was a Lesbian Before Meeting Him. His Response?”

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Last week, a reader told us that she had a great new boyfriend. But she had always dated girls before meeting him, and we encouraged her to tell him about her past. So, last night, she nervously poured out her heart and soul. What was his reaction??

Here’s our sweet reader’s story:

My new boyfriend Tim came over for dinner last night. I made this stuff called Skyline Chili, which is chili on spaghetti with cheese. I don’t really get it, but Time loves it. I think you have to be from the Midwest or something.

We had a nice dinner, and then I asked him if we could talk. So we went to the couch. I totally followed your advice and told him I was nervous. He was so sweet. I asked him to just let me say everything I needed to and then he could say whatever he wanted. So I told him everything. I said it all, like everything I told you and all the details in between, too. It felt really good and also really scary. I tried to make it clear that I wasn’t just curious or anything, that I really like him. And that I’m really attracted to him. I told him that all this is why I never really talk about my past relationships and my family. He stayed totally quiet and just listened to me.

After like an eternity of talking, I finally asked him what he was thinking. He has these light blue eyes and he just looks right into you. I was looking into them and I swear, I swear, this is exactly what he said: “As long as we’re sharing, I’m in love with you.”

Oh, my God, I started bawling. He just held me and said that he thinks he’s loved me since the first time I sat next him in class. I know I love him, and I know I’ve never been this close to anyone in my life. And all these questions that I’ve been afraid of just don’t seem to matter anymore, you know? Am I gay? I don’t care. What will my friends think? I don’t care. All this other stuff, I just don’t care.

Seriously, thanks for your advice and for putting my question up on Smitten. It was a big deal for me to see that there were so many other women who had gone through this same thing. Actually I was shocked; it seemed like every other comment was like, “Yeah my best friend was just like this,” or “This is my story.” It really helped.

Oh….and, yeah, um, I lost my gold star. It was UNREAL!!!

YAHOO!!!! Aren’t you so happy for this reader? I’m so glad that her boyfriend was so open and understanding about her past and feelings. Yay for open-mindedness and loving and accepting people–whether they’re gay or straight or somewhere in the middle!

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