MTV Says Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s “Telephone” Video is Not Too Hot for TV!

Last week, like millions of other YouTube viewers, I watched the super over-the-top video for “Telephone,” Lady Gaga’s latest single featuring Beyonce. While the video was rather racy, I was surprised to hear internet rumors swirling this morning about MTV’s decision to ban the video from its airwaves.

The speculation started yesterday when CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield and Jacqui Jeras discussed the video on air. Whitfield shared, “It’s so strong, so suggestive, so sexual, so violent as well, that MTV has said, We’re not even going to air this, so it has banned the airing of this video.'”

However, MTV says they have no plans to ban the nearly ten minute long video. In fact, they’ve played it more than a few times, including debuting it on Friday. The music network even went as far as calling CNN out on their inconsistencies, sharing that the news giant had not responded to MTV News’ request for comment on the confusion. The “Telephone” video below is a slightly edited version airing on MTV; though it’s probably not entirely work appropriate. You might want to make sure your boss can’t see your monitor before hitting play. Headphones are a good idea too.

Lady Gaga – New Music – More Music Videos

Do you think this video is too hot for TV? Is it racy overload or just everyday Lady Gaga? Why would CNN jump the gun and say Gaga and B were too controversial? Were you dancing in your desk chair while watching it? I was! Curious about the elaborate outfits in this video? Head on over to Slaves to Fashion for a break down!

P.S. According to The New York Post, Lady Gaga will appear on the upcoming season of Glee! A duet with Will, perhaps? Or a diva-off with Rachel? Can’t wait!

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