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Slår ud, mænd har også et biologisk ur

Min ven Joe indrømmede for nylig, at han er mere ivrig efter at blive en far end en mand. Han ville gerne gifte sig med nogen, hvis den rigtige kamp kommer sammen, men i disse dage er han lidt mere fokuseret på sine forældremål. Denne følelse er ikke helt overraskende. Ægteskabsfaldene falder, og et stigende

5 Cheap Date Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Smitten kittens! If you’re looking to have some festive fun this evening, we’ve got you covered. Click on through for five budget friendly ways to celebrate with friends or a lucky lad… On your way home from work, swing by the library. Look through the stacks for Irish ghost stories. Invite

Truly Excellent Self-Love Tips From the Tupperware Ladies of Sex Toys

You know how, back in the day, women would get together at someone’s house and have Tupperware parties? Well, in 2017 it seems there’s a new need for integral plastic items, but instead of gathering to buy containers to store leftovers in, groups are coming together to learn about—and ultimately buy—sex toys. It wouldn’t be

Where’s my happy ending?

Me and my ex This is me with my ex. Didn’t we look so happy? I got all mopey last night when I watched The Break-Up. Jennifer looks great, Vince, not so much. I was a little disappointed when the movie ended and they were still single. Not very Hollywood at all. Who doesn’t prefer