Sex Tip From a Guy: An Entirely New Spin on “Giving Head”

Half the game of oral sex (hopefully a game much more fun than Monopoly; certainly more fun than Solitaire) is prepping the receiver. If you want to get your guy in just the right, relaxed state, read this maneuver.

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My friend Chloe was over the night; I was sitting at her feet and we were listening to music, and, without warning, she started rubbing my head. When she’d finished and I came out of my zen-like state, thanking her, she replied:

“Oh no sweat; it’s my favorite thing to do. Jeff (her ex) used to love it—I’d use it to relax him before giving him head,”

Record-scratch noise. Wait, what???

Chloe explained that her ex, and other guys she’s performed oral sex upon, are much better at receiving when they are relaxed (it’s quicker; less tension allows their minds to rest and to just be there in the moment), and the best way to get them there is a head rub.

Chloe starts at the neck and moves her thumbs in concentric circles up the back of the guy’s skull. Then she brings her fingers into the mix, pulling the scalp away from the center of his head, and working towards the forehead. She draws an imaginary line down the center of his head and treats it like a spine on a guy’s back. Then she massages accordingly.

When she’s done, she moves south.

Because I’d just had one of these head rubs, I had to ask, was there any chance she was going to follow up with part two of the demonstration?

No chance.

__Do you think oral sex is better when the receiver is totally relaxed, or completely psyched up?


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