Sex Tips: Play a Spicy Round of Show and Tell –

Sex Tips: Play a Spicy Round of Show and Tell

Here’s a racy little sex tip to jazz up this random Tuesday. The next time you’re hooking up, give this trick a test drive…

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In addition to telling your man what you’d like him to focus more attention on, show him exactly what you mean with a little demonstration. You could take his hand (or other body parts) and place it where you’d like it to go. With your hand on top of his, let him know how much pressure you’re happy with. Or, if you’d like him to kiss, nibble or suck on an area of your body, tell him what you have in mind and then give him a sexy tutorial by smooching him in all the places you’d like a little lip service.

How do you communicate your needs in the bedroom? Sexy whispers? Detailed orders? Encouraging moans? Hands-on demonstrations like this? And do you think your partner would appreciate this sort of tutorial?

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