Super Racy Sex Tip (Shy Readers, Don’t Look!)

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When I was in college, I bought the book Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man (from Urban Outfitters!). And one piece of advice changed my sex life…

*****When you’re touching a man down there, here’s how to blow his mind…

First, put some lube on his penis. (“It is essential to lubricate a guy,” the book says. “Your knowledge of this tip alone puts you head and shoulders above the rest.”) You can buy lube in any drugstore or grocery store (and it’s good for making your skin soft, too!)

Then use both your hands. Move one up and down the shaft and tickle his balls, and move the other hand up and down the shaft, but also twist and flip it over the head. So your hand will go up, flip over, go down, go up again, flip over, go down…Think “up, twist, over and down.” As you’re doing this, make sure you put nice pressure on the head, which is the most sensitive part.

You can slow down a little to give him a break and vary pressure slightly (although most of the time the pressure should be like “holding a Diet Coke,” say the authors). Always keep at least one hand on him, since maintaining contact feels great for him. And finally, as he’s getting really excited, use both your hands to move up his penis, one after another, passing it through your hands quickly and with lots of pressure on the hand.

Hand jobs might sound babyish to some of you more experienced ladies, but, say the authors of the book, “We’re always amazed to hear that many women forget about hand jobs once sex moves on to other things.” They describe a friend who was thrilled when his wife gave him a hand job because it made him feel like he was seventeen again. “A good hand job is always a sensual alternative,” they say. It’s good to mix things up sometimes, right? So you can tuck it in your sexy little arsenal.

Good luck, ladies! I promise you, he will love this.

P.S. Many more honest sex tips…


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