The 8 Stages of Moving In Together Too Soon

Yes, Peggy’s mom’s stance on living in sin on Sunday’s Mad Men was super-archaic, but I have to admit that things haven’t worked out so well for more than a few couples I know who have lived together. (When you think about it, it’s damn good they tried it out before things were too late.)

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As I’ve mentioned before, although I do sh*t on it sometimes, one of the benefits of being single is getting to observe romantic cohabitation from the outside and learn from it. In New York, long-term-relationships tend to move to this stage much quicker thanks to high rent, and it doesn’t generally make for healthier relationships. So here’s the basic K?�bler-Rossian breakdown of what has happened to friends of mine who jumped the gun on living with a significant other:

Stage 1

__Partner A:__Do you want to move in?

__Partner B:__OMG, yes.

Stage 2

(drunk text)__Partner B:__Wait, is this a bad idea?

__Partner A:__OMG, no.

Stage 3:

__Partner A:__Want to watch Game Of Thrones and do it instead of doing work?

Partner B: Yes.

Stage 4:

(see stage 3)

Stage 5:

Six months later.

__Partner A:__Ugh, why do you keep distracting me from my work?

Partner B: Ugh, why can’t you do your dishes?

Partner A: I did do my dishes.

__Partner B:__You didn’t do them well, and I had to redo them,* as usual.*

Stage 6:

__Partner A:__Stop making that face.

__Partner B:__What face?

Partner A: I don’t know how to describe what fa–YOU’RE MAKING IT AGAIN.__

Partner B:__ Let’s order in burritos and not talk to each other.

__Partner A:__OK.

Stage 7:

Partner A: Should we break up?

Partner B: OMG, yes.

Stage 8:

(drunk text)

Partner B: Wait, is this a bad idea?

Partner A: OMG, no.

__Obviously, there are tons of couples who make it work: This is only about those who rush into it without thinking it through. There are always massive success stories like Melms and her delightful Moving In Together Surprises. __

What do you think? What are your experiences with moving in together?

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