"Waity Katie" and Prince William: Why Didn't Wills Get a Nickname?

“Waity Katie” and Prince William: Why Didn’t Wills Get a Nickname?

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Gosh, this story on The Daily Beast is soooo true. Kate Middleton and Prince William dated for eight years before he proposed, but they never called him “Waffling Will.” Why did she get pegged with her nickname? Maybe she wanted to wait…but I doubt it.

The article’s author, Hannah Seligson, goes on to point out that women who want to have a family the old-fashioned way are sticking their necks out, the longer they date their boyfriends, but there is no risk for the men. They can have kids whenever, and they get to control when they will get engaged.

She says there’s a real sweet spot—and a short window—for women to marry, because if you tie the knot too young, you’re more likely to get a divorce. Your career doesn’t take off and you’re not as emotionally mature. But wait too late, or he dumps you after dating you for years, and you may not be able to have kids at all. It’s such a gamble. Another reason I wish I were a guy!

How long did you “wait” before your guy proposed? Did you feel frustrated? Do you agree about this short window that women have? Does it frequently seem like women have to wait to get engaged and men get to wait?

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