What Does It Mean If a Dude Falls Asleep Right After Sex?

What Does It Mean If a Dude Falls Asleep Right After Sex?

The old stereotype of a partner (usually a guy, but who knows?) rolling over and passing out post-coitally, as it turns out, may have something to it.

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According to a new study by scientists at the University of Michigan and Albright College in Pennsylvania, who analyzed online surveys on sex and sleeping patterns from almost 500 participants, post-coital cuddling is all politics. (Also: There are cuddle scientists! What!)

For instance,__ if your guy falls asleep right after sex__:

Falling asleep before one’s partner may be a non-conscious mechanism that forecloses on any commitment conversation occurring after sexual intercourse. Because women have greater verbal ability on average… and greater density of neurons in brain areas associated with language processing… they may have an advantage in these commitment negotiations. If men actively avoid commitment promises in post-coital conversation, this could increase the likelihood of women ending the relationship due to perceptions of undesirable partner characteristics and/or uncertainty about the future of the relationship.… Also, FYI, women are actually more likely to fall asleep first when sex *hasn’t *taken place.

If he doesn’t, on the other hand:

*Perhaps men may stay awake longer as an artifact of mate guarding, ensuring that their partner does not secretly leave them for another man. Men may also remain awake longer in attempts to entice their partners to engage in sex. As the costs and benefits of sexual acts are different for men and women, __

women may have an incentive to fall asleep earlier to decrease the likelihood of sexual acts in most circumstances.

__* (Emphasis mine, because it made me LOL heartily.)

Is it just me, or is this study kind of depressing? Girls sound like frigid nags, and guys sound… kind of idiotic. Not to mention their annoying passive-aggressively avoidance of the inevitable ol’ “So what *are *we?” convo. Way to kill my buzz, cuddle scientists.

Who falls asleep, you or him? Have you guys ever bickered about it? Do you think there’s something to this study?


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