Where’s my happy ending?

Me and my ex

Me and my ex

This is me with my ex. Didn’t we look so happy? I got all mopey last night when I watched The Break-Up. Jennifer looks great, Vince, not so much. I was a little disappointed when the movie ended and they were still single. Not very Hollywood at all.

Who doesn’t prefer happy endings? I guess with a title like that I should have known how the movie was going to end. Kinda like Finding Nemo.

I’m still recovering from my own breakup and all I want is a happy ending. Am I asking for too much? I have been seeking solace at my best friend Chris’s house. He’s moving to Colorado. Here I am helping him paint his place before he moves.


Chris was convinced that things between the shrink and I were destined to fail. He noticed a lack of respect for her on my part from the very beginning—a sly comment here, a white lie there, always a little too edgy.

Chris’s immediate condemnation of my relationship was not only disheartening but, as it turns out, prophetic. Question is, if he saw the end so quickly and so rightly, what kept me hanging on as long as I did? Are we the only ones who can’t see the glaring flaws in our own relationships?

But I won’t let the breakup get me down. I am an eternal optimist. If I’ve learned one thing teaching in South Central Los Angeles, it’s that a positive attitude is priceless. As my mother always says, “If one door closes, two will open.” Thanks, Mom!

Am I a victim of some false romantic notion? It doesn’t bode well that Hollywood can’t even get happy endings right. And worst of all: Am I destined to look like Vince while she gets off looking like Jen?

Where have all the happy endings gone? Is there such thing as a happy breakup?

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