Would You Try This Romantic Shower Trick for Your Boyfriend?

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Want to make your boyfriend smile? Try this shower trick…

Here’s the trick from Smitten reader Tess:

After I’ve taken a really hot solo shower, I write a message in the fogged-up bathroom mirror (using my finger). I write, ‘I love you’ or ‘You’re so hot.’ When the steam clears, the message looks like it’s disappeared but it comes back again the next time the bathroom gets steamy. So when he walks out of his shower, the message has appeared like magic!

Another Smitten reader, sanm13, had her own shower story:

My hubby and I sometimes shower together, but it isn’t always about sex. When he’s had a rough day at work, I always tell him to take a hot shower to wash the stress away. Then, I quietly get in with him and wash his back for him. Sometimes it leads to more, other times its just about soothing your partner and letting them know you care.

How cute is that? Do you ever take baths or showers with your man? Do you ever leave surprise notes around the house?

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Photos: Todd Selby

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