Would You Wear This Outfit to Meet Your Boyfriend’s Parents?

What did you wear to meet your boyfriend’s parents? It’s scary enough to know that they’ll grill you (one past boyfriend’s mom asked about my SAT scores!), without worrying if they’re judging your fashion sense, too. Well, lucky for us, stylist Christine Cameron shares us a great outfit for meeting the parents…Would you wear it?

Here are Christine’s tips:

Let’s be honest, meeting your Special Someone’s parents can be pretty nerve-racking. So try creating an outfit around your favorite shirt. That way, you start off already feeling comfortable.

12 blouse j crew sm

Here are two tasteful looks–appropriate for either day or night–based around a pretty pink J. Crew camisole. It’s on the expensive side, but if you balance it with more affordable items and accents, it becomes worth the splurge!

12 cute outfits sm

Day Wear

Why it works: This cozy gray sweater adds comfort to the dressy camisole. Whether the cardigan is left on or off, the camisole–when tucked into simple dark jeans and paired with patent leather flats–creates the perfect combination of elegance and ease.

Cardigan, $26.90

Jeans, $19.95

Shoes, $49.50

Camisole, $88.00

Evening Attire

Why it works: For a more “proper” evening look, pair a dressy high-waisted skirt with the camisole; the bold coat and peep toes add personality.

Coat, $39.80

Shoes, $20.99

Skirt, $28.50

Camisole, $88.00

Thanks, Christine! What do you think, ladies? What have you worn to meet the parents in the past? Did it work well, or was it a fashion bust?

P.S. Which of these three meet-the-parents outfits would you wear?

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