4 Engagement Rings With Horizontal Stones! (I Loooove This Trend!) Which Would You Wear?

Ever since I did that post about engagement rings featured on The Bachelor, I’ve been obsessed with the ring Jason gave Melissa (and she later gave back) which had a horizontally set marquis diamond.

Soooo pretty, right?

Ring 1: Custom-Made Diamond Engagement Ring from Neil Lane

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Obviously this ring, which also features by 170 smaller diamonds, is pretty over the top. But I think the sideways center stone makes it a little less “in your face,” if that makes sense. Plus, it’s a whole lot less likely to snag on your clothes. (Or, um, scratch your baby’s face. Guilty as charged.)

I searched around for more engagement rings with sideways stones, and while they’re not super-popular, I think the trend is definitely catching on.

Ring 2: Horizontally Set Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring from Neil Lane

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Ring 3: Oval Diamond Horizontal Engagement Ring from MDC Diamonds, $2,188

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Ring 4: Sideways Set Oval Diamond Ring from Martin Katz

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__Are you on board with horizontal stones? Do you prefer round stones? Or square cuts—asscher, princess, and such? Which of the rings above is your favorite?


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