If You Think I’m Not Gonna GIF Out Liz Lemon’s Stride of Pride, You Got Another Thing Comin’ (And More Girlie 30 Rock Highlights)

Last night’s ep of 30 Rock was the actual Girlie Show–stuffed with fantastic lady moments from beginning to end. As the great Martina McBride continues to say nearly daily on my iPod, this one’s for the girls.

Of course, the funny ‘female’ moments weren’t without their many mirrored meanings, since at the heart of the episode was a debate between Liz and Tracy over whether women, indeed, can be funny. At one point Liz argued that maybe women and men find different things funny. To that point, I cannot take responsibilty for what the below do for the male gender–all I know is that each of these moments absolutely delighted me.

  1. “I say call it a ‘stride of pride,’ and walk with your arms up like this.” STRIDE OF PRIDE. Done. Locked in. Part of my vocab for life.

  1. Pizzarina Sbarro is what I want MY name to be. (Hi, Nina Arianda, lovely to see you around here!) Perhaps Jack met her at this wedding in 2010? I might be Pizzarina Sbarro for Halloween and really, really commit to it.

1019 nina arianda ob
  1. Best response to Liz’s hapless attempts at girltalk brunch: “If you heard my sex stories, you would LOSE YOUR MIND!” — Sue (aka the amazing Sue Galloway).

1019 sue galloway ob
  1. Jenna, ever the fox (on so many levels), decides to up her looks game by pretending to be older. This is called Mirrening.

1019 maroney magazine ob
  1. “Well, that wen’t well.” “See? That’s the kind of hilarious button chicks can’t come up with.”

1019 tracy 30rock ob
  1. Ryan Lochte as sex idiot who responds to puppy commands = Ryan Lochte distilled to his most honest, efficient core.

1019 lochte 30rock ob
  1. Jenna and Liz’s two-woman show musically resolved the women-funny debate.__

8. __And of course, Liz’s hard-earned Carrie Bradshaw moment.__

[#image: /photos/5696460693ef4b09521014c8]

What was your favorite moment last night?

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