Here’s Proof that Rachel Green Was the Most Stylish Friend (Sorry, Monica and Phoebe) –

Here’s Proof that Rachel Green Was the Most Stylish Friend (Sorry, Monica and Phoebe)

With news that the Friends cast is reuniting for a TV special (hurrah!), now felt like the perfect time to take a look back at the group’s most fashion-obsessed member: Rachel Green. Brought to life by Jennifer Aniston, she was our style crush before we could even verbalize quite what that meant. Don’t forget that the decade the show was on the air (’94 to ’04) was a formative year for millennials, style-wise. It was when we started paying closer attention to what we picked to wear to school, first selected an outfit for a formal dance, and began to digest what grown-up style meant. And who was there influencing us the whole time? Rachel.

Rachel won a special place in our hearts, evolving from pouf-sleeve runaway bride to hardcore fashion exec, with plum gigs at Bloomingdale’s and Ralph Lauren. So now, more than 20 years after the show’s premiere, we’re happy to report the character had a closet full of clothes that, erm, we’d actually be pretty happy wearing right now. A skinny knit worn layered under a spaghetti-strap dress? Totally. Short overalls worn with crisp white sneakers? We’re all about this once spring hits (and doesn’t it look like something Gigi Hadid would wear for a much-liked Instagram snap?).

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Herewith, the Rachel Green outfits from Friends that are pretty much au courant:

jennifer aniston friends outfits layered dress

Yep, we’ve started to layer our slip dresses over T-shirts, a la Rachel circa 1995. And it still looks good.

jennifer aniston friends outfits short overalls

Overalls came back in a big way last year, but we’re liking Miss Green’s suggestion of the short variety. Add in staples like a striped tee, tailored blazer, and sneakers? Yes.

jennifer aniston friends outfits white lace blouse

A delicate white blouse is stunning enough to rip our eyes from guest star Brad Pitt. The ethereal feel reminds us of pieces that came down the spring ’16 runways too, seen in collections like the one Givenchy presented in New York City.

jennifer aniston friends outfits gray suit

Take note from this silly moment: Invest in impeccably tailored suiting because it’ll never, never go out of style.

jennifer aniston friends outfits layered shirt

A crisp white shirt layered underneath a knit provides a preppy timeless twist we’d happily steal from Jen.

Have you noticed there’s a ’90s-era accessory experiencing a major comeback? Come check out a primer on how to wear a skinny black choker, as shown by Kendall Jenner and crew.

Now, if this doesn’t get you pumped for the Friends reunion, we don’t know what will:

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