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5 “Silent” Sex Positions Guaranteed Not to Wake Up Your Roommate

When you and your partner are staying in a crowded house (or, say, visiting family for the holidays), you’re faced with one big question: Do you risk it and have sex with someone in the next room, or do you keep it in your pants until after (or during, if you’re adventurous) your flight home? While celibacy or public sex are calls you’re going to have to make for yourself, if you want to try to do the deed with someone in the next room, there are are few silent sex moves that will totally minimize your chances of disrupting anyone else’s sleep.

“Having quiet sex doesn’t need to be an inconvenience. Quiet sex is exciting because it is a little bit naughty,” says Tristan Weedmark, We-Vibe’s Global Passion Ambassador. “There is the element of getting caught. Knowing you and your partner have to be quiet despite the toe-curling sex can be a turn-on.”

To prevent anyone from knowing what a toe-curling experience you’re having, Astroglide’s resident sexologist Dr. Jessica O’Reilly recommends moving extra slow. “When you slide an object inside of you as s-l-o-w-l-y as possible, your nerve endings react in the most explosive of ways,” she says. “Not only does that object feel like it never ends, but as the arousal sensations build, so too will the power of your orgasm.”

If you don’t trust yourselves to stay quiet enough to prevent the bed from squeaking, you can try moving to the floor or a chair, covering yourselves with blankets or pillows, lining the bottom of the door with a towel, or using one of these positions that cause minimal motion.

1. Standing up

You may need to be conscious of who’s on the other side of the wall, but standing sex does eliminate the possibility of jostling furniture. It’s also good for shower sex, in case you’re sharing a room with a relative, says Weedmark. (Another plus to shower sex, O’Reilly points out, is that the shower can drown out any noises that come out of your mouth.)

2. Spooning

With both partners lying down and one entering from behind, spooning sex doesn’t require a lot of movement—since you’re already close enough to “grind and rub without all of the ruckus,” says O’Reilly. It’s a surprisingly common sex position that can be, uh, retrofitted for silent sex. Just try to be quiet!

3. Edge-of-the-bed doggy-style

One person bends down and rests their elbows on the bed while the other stands behind them for this one. “Use the side instead of the end of the bed so the headboard doesn’t rattle,” Weedmark suggests.

4. The “cavity search”

For this out-of-bed position, one partner stands up with their legs spread and bends down to grab their ankles, and the other enters from behind. O’Reilly considers it “the perfect alternative to bouncing around in a creaky bed.”

5. 69-ing

Oral sex involves less of an in-and-out motion, so it’s less likely to displace any objects. In fact, pretty much any other kind of sex will be quieter than PIV. “Take the spotlight off of intercourse for the weekend and focus on all of the other less-squeaky types of sex,” Weedmark suggests. “Knowing that your go-to sex style is off the table will open up tons of opportunity to try new techniques, and you can spend more time reacquainting yourself with your partner’s body.”

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