Being Cropped Out of His Facebook Pic, and More Harsh Breakup Realities –

Being Cropped Out of His Facebook Pic, and More Harsh Breakup Realities

Not that we’d ever do this, but have you ever heard of a gal who, weeks, days or even hours post-breakup, perused her ex’s Facebook page only to find he’d cropped her out of an image or two? Perhaps he’d vacationed in Italy, and while the “Best Vacation Ever” album remains, the evidence that you—er, this woman—were also there is totally gone? Maybe it’s his profile picture, with just the faintest hint of someone else’s blond hair left behind on his shoulder. You want to scream, “Hey, jerk, that’s my curl—and I picked out that outfit you’re wearing!” But you can’t do that, because then you’d have to cop to social-media-stalking a man who’s broken your heart.

cropped out of photo

The fact is, our exes do a lot of little yet harsh things in the weeks following a breakup, including cropping us out of existence on Facebook. Here are six other harsh realities of becoming “his ex.”

1. He posts social-media statuses meant to be vague but are oh-so-clearly about you. “It feels like 125 pounds have been lifted off my shoulders,” he writes, forcing you to double check the scale and see you’re weighing in at 124 these days. Take that, Vaguebooker!

2. He tells anyone who will listen that his first roll in the hay after you was the best sex he’s ever had. Wait a second. Didn’t he just say that to me? Like, last week?!3. He changes his profile picture to one of him with his arm wrapped around another woman—and she’s totally, completely, undeniably Kate Upton hot. Spin class, here we come.

4. He finally gets a six-pack. How do you know? Not only is it all over social media, but while walking through the gym, scanning your iPod for the most appropriate Alanis Morissette song, you accidentally smacked into him and felt them.

5. He drunk-texts you. He either wants you back—fat chance!—or he wants a booty call. And there aren’t enough emojis in the world to appropriately express how vehemently you want to say, “hell no!”

6. He “likes” your “in a relationship” status update on Facebook, throwing you into a tizzy trying to decode what exactly that little like means. Is it a passive-aggressive digital middle finger to your public declaration? Or have you both, like, actually moved on?

What are some other small but harsh things exes have done that confused or hurt you in the weeks after your breakup? Have you ever done one of these things?

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