Do You Take Baths or Showers With Your Boyfriend? –

Do You Take Baths or Showers With Your Boyfriend?

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Do you take baths or showers with your man? For you water babies, here’s a cute idea…

Here’s a cute idea for a date with your boyfriend: Get some bubble bath and make the tub piping hot with lots of bubbles. Then light a red candle to set the mood, get a bottle of bubbles to blow around the room, and soap each other up. You can also get a rubber ducky or a toy boat….and challenge him to say “toy boat” three times fast. (It’s a real tongue twister.)

Have you ever taken a bath or shower with your man? Baths always look so romantic in Gray’s Anatomy or The English Patient. And my friend showered with her man on the first date. Wow! Wouldn’t a double-headed shower be amazing?

P.S. Showering in the dark, and do you let your boyfriend see you naked?

Photo: Todd Selby

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